Happiness is not our destination. It's our journey.

A cross-media and a network project about the values related to happiness and its meaning for today's society. The project includes a series of intercultural documentaries, short films, clips, and written content about happiness. All the resources and materials are the result of teamwork, produced by several Media Centers and Media Entities of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide.

700 Years of Happiness

Seven elders. Seven countries. Seven ways to see life and understand happiness.

A seven-part series about the life of seven centennials from seven different cultures and how they understand happiness.


Episode one - Rehmat Ali

Episode two - Diosdada

Episode three - Violeta

Episode four - Mirko

Episode five - Marina

Episode six - Belek

Episode seven - Vera

Masters of Joy

Five children. Five countries and cultures. Five different ways to experience happiness.

Those Where the Good Days

A narrative short film about happiness in our daily life.

A daughter shows her father how to find happiness in life’s little moments. A short film by Rachel Scribner.